SunPass Login

The SunPass login works on in Florida to pay tolls and Turnpike fees in a account while traveling the roads and highways along to your destination.

Participation in the prepaid toll program is managed by the Department of Transportation travel in Orlando, South Beach, Key West or other ares.

Go to and enter your SunPass login information with a account, username, or Transponder number. Only the first twelve digits of a Transponder number are required.

Once the first field is completed you must enter a PIN number to log on. If you have forgot your PIN please use resources found at the bottom of this page to request a reminder.

The Florida Turnpike uses fees collected from tolls to cover maintenance on the state’s highways and road system for travelers. Program participation and questions about bill payments are to be addressed to the 1-888-865-5352 phone number for SunPass.

When planning on traveling to Florida for a vacation, you will need a SunPass login to pay fees along the Gulf Coast. By prepaying these fees before your tip you will save time between stops.

A transponder unit will be attached to your windshield and is a small pocket sized device that communicates with a receiver on the toll collection system.

By having the device installed you will be able to choose the SunPass lanes which are fully automated to charge your account when traveling on them without having to stop and pay a toll.

Business interests or freight brokers can apply for a commercial account with a starting balance. Please contact the Customer Service Center for more information about non-personal usage.

Your transponder is registered with your account and can be monitored or funds added with the SunPass login page. Mount your transponder on the top corner of your windshield for proper communication.

SunPass Login