My Kohls Charge Login

The My Kohls Charge login page at is used to access your account, make online payments, view transaction and statement history, or update settings.

With a registered account and card activation, you can sign in with additional security questions to protect your customer profile.

Log on at with your user name and password. Your email address is not part of the My Kohls Charge login credentials. It is something you setup when you registered.

User names that have been forgot can be retrieved by calling Kohls customer service at the phone number listed on the website which is 1-855-564-5705 or use the resources at the bottom for help.

Phone support is available in the Central Time Zone from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. Sunday’s are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Your Kohls Charge Card comes in silver with a rainbow colored logo or a rainbow colored card and silver logo. Both cards use the same login page.

After registering your 12 digit credit card number you can use your My Kohls Charge login at any time to view your account and make payments from bills accrued by shopping online or in a local department store.

Customers shopping in the store will not need to present their login to a sales associate. Please keep your credentials protected and to yourself for security purposes.

There are no early payment fees for a payment made online at and full access to account maintenance will allow you to go paperless and download transaction history.

Payment types accepted for your account are debit cards and bank drafts from a checking or savings account. Debit cards will only be accepted when using the phone number to call your payment in and not on the website.

From inside your account after you login a request for a credit limit increase is under the account summary tab. Besides bill pay, a credit increase on a charge card is a highly requested function.

The mobile App or mobile version of the website on an iPhone or Android smartphone will use the same My Kohls Charge login as the desktop system.

My Kohls Charge Login