Website Security Monitoring

ReconBase offers a completely hands off approach to website security monitoring for malware and new vulnerabilities coming out that is made to attack your website every hour of the day.

With ReconBase scanning your website you can carry on running your business and sleeping at night without worrying about the security you as a owner are responsible for.

We are the affordable choice for owners that can’t hire a dedicated team to monitor their website.

What’s included in ReconBase’s Website Security Monitoring Service?

Every 4 hours we will scan your website for the following security threats.

Malware and Virus scanning for the latest web injections.

New viruses and malware forms are created and released every day to embed in your website so that your visitors are infected. We scan for bad software files or and bots that try to infest your website with drive by download injections, backdoors, and phishing attempts.

Vulnerabilities due to outdated software and patches.

Your website can quickly become outdated with the numerous amounts of security patches that are released weekly. With our website security monitoring we can alert you when it is time for an upgrade so that you don’t fall victim.

Blacklisting of your domain by search engines and Email Service Providers.

When your domain gets blacklisted how would you ever know it until problems start to occur? With our blacklist monitoring, ReconBase will check if search engines block your website from appearing in search due to a security problem and for email services that start blocking email from your domain.

Hacking defacement and professional security auditing.

Beyond frequent daily scanning, a member of our professional security team will audit your website periodically throughout the week while looking for the latest vulnerabilities and signs of hacking attempts. This gives your website an extra level of security monitoring for total coverage.

ReconBase is ready to take over with cutting edge website security monitoring that can prevent hackers, malware, and other threats from hurting your online presence.

Protect yourself and your website by partnering with us on our simple and no-nonsense monitoring plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not technical. What is involved in setting up your scanning service?

A. Nothing. You only have to provide us with your website domain. This will be collected after your order and ReconBase will handle the rest. Scanning is done from our side with no action required on your part to setup.

Q. Does it matter if I have a small website or a big website?

A. No. We believe in simplicity. Our price covers any size website at small website prices.

Q. What happens if a security threat is found on my website?

A member of the ReconBase will contact you directly with the information on file in your account on what was found and what steps to take to resolve the problem.