10 Intrusion Detection Software Must Haves

ReconBase searched, tested and scoured the web for intrusion detection software applications and downloads that will make the security on your network safer.

AlienVault, Snort, GFI EventsManager, AirSnare, Tripwire, Alert Logic, FireEye, OSSEC, Cyberarms, and Lunarline were some of the best that surfaced.

This list is not a all inclusive list of intrusion detection software products. It is a group of top shelf and high rated ones that are already in use by thousands of businesses around the world.

We have summarized what each software for intrusion detection does, how it works, and how it will help resolve the issue of needing a signature based IDS to monitor your network and compare database signatures.

AlienVault IDS

AlienVault is detection for your network that enables you to inspect traffic between devices and not just at the edge of your networks. You can also do event correlating to your existing setup.


Snort has been around for years and is a lightweight network intrusion system for Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems on servers.

GFI Events Manager

GFT Events Manager performs the monitoring of your network with management and archiving features. The software offers log based recording.


This intrusion detection software is a tool to add to your wireless toolbox that will alert you to non-friendly and bad MAC addresses that are residing on your network.


Real-time protection and monitoring for mission critical assets is included in Tripwire. It comes with advanced cyber threat intelligence and policy compliance.

Alert Logic

Alert Logic is a managed cloud security and compliance SaaS (Security as a Service) and the product specializes in network, system, and web application protection for IT infrastructure.


As a leader in cyber security and protecting organizations, you will find protection from advanced malware, APTs, and zero-day exploits in the cyber attack protection from FireEye.


An open source solution in the list comes from OSSEC. This open source host based intrusion detection system performs log analysis and file integrity checking. Rootkit detection and policy monitoring are also key features.


If you have Exchange, OWA, SharePoint, a CRM, or generic IIS applications you will want to consider Cyberarms for Windows or other server systems.


Lunarline has security automation tools to streamline compliance and enhance your security operations. Besides intrusion detection software you will find actionable cyber intelligence.