How To Stop Hackers Like A Expert

Have you read the news lately? Hacking is going on all over the world and people like you searching for ways on how to stop hackers is up over 300% the past year.

You can secure your websites and servers like a security expert by taking a few extra precautions in your setup. Today ReconBase is going to lay out 3 actionable items you can do before the work day ends.

The recommendations talked about here are concepts. What that means is that you will have to consider what type of technology you are dealing with (server, website, firewall, and so on) and apply each item to what you have to safeguard.

Action item 1 on how to stop hackers is to apply all the latest updates to your hardware or software. Don’t let your patches fall behind by more than 48 hours. Running the risk of being hacked or bypassed goes up more than 28% when you neglect patch and security releases. While this sounds like common sense, the reality is that over half of businesses do not patch their server or website even on a weekly schedule.

Action item 2 to stopping hackers from diving in your data is to stop them at what is called the point of entry. Point of entry is when and where a hacker arrives from the Internet and attempts to start gaining access to your network or database and so on.

To take care of item 2 means that you have to lock down access to all external facing connections to the Internet. Keep in mind we are referring to stopping external hackers in this how to list. Internal culprits will be discussed at another time.

How to stop hackers with action items.

Lock down access by using very strong passwords. Go ahead and erase what is in your head when you read that statement. Now take a look at this example of a true strong password: !dfu984df*[email protected] – long and hard to remember. Your passwords should be so strong you can’t remember them yourself. Take some tips from Google here on how to generate strong ones.

Next step is to block a bad IP address on your hardware or software from malware and known hackers. These IP addresses change on a daily basis and ReconBase has a bad IP addresses list you can download that takes care of this step.

How to stop hackersAction item 3 is to monitor, monitor, and monitor some more. This item is very hard for small businesses to do themselves. If you are a individual or represent a small business that can’t afford time this takes to spend 1 hour a day at minimum reviewing your security logs, consider a website security monitoring service to do it for you.

Larger companies and corporate professionals can usually afford a intrusion detection system or hardware firewall for their business networks. Most of these security units are not on autopilot and will need manual review daily to monitor for suspicious access.

Consider these action items as reminders on how to stop hackers and being a news story next week.