DealerSocket Login

The DealerSocket login page at is a CRM for automotive dealerships to manage customer leads and processes on one software platform.

Car dealerships have a single service for data mining, sales experience, and marketing by salespeople that work with a customer relationship manager.

Single sign on access starts at and is a page setup for your DealerSocket login information. The information you enter includes a username and password to authenticate.

The most common problem CRM users experience with their login to DealerSocket comes from a problematic password or lost username. There is only limited access to online tools for resetting a lost log on.

Former AutoStar and Dealer Fire users can contact the administrator of their account for assistance. If your administrative contact is not available or you do not know who the designated person is, call customer support at 1-888-988-6444 for troubleshooting.

After using your log on to access the CRM software your dashboard will be divided in to several different categories that explain what services are available to you.


Marketing is a automation leverage program that uses technology to create profitable opportunity with customer leads. DataRecharge is a service program for data from prospect email addresses and phone numbers.

Marketplace Email is a digital library with professional templates that are tested for inbox viewing and placement by mail clients. SocketTalk takes text and internal messages to a seamless customer experience on software.


Sales analytics will require your DealerSocket login to leverage data operations by brand and region and score your performance against similar groups. Call management enables sales departments to track automotive customers with logging and a map interface.

Desking increases profitability with a CSI while Internet lead management for car buyers can contact a potential custom on your behalf in a timely manner.

Mobile sales has all of these features enabled and will use the same DealerSocket login that you would use online from a desktop web browser.

DealerSocket Login