Bad IP List & Hacker Database

ReconBase’s hackers list and bad IP addresses list are built into one database that you can apply to better protect your server, website, applications, or network.

The list is updated weekly so that your business or organization can remain protected with the most up-to-date list of global hackers and bad IP addresses as possible.

Database List Overview

Think of the bad IP addresses list and hacker database from ReconBase as your top threat solution to make your job of keeping the company, website, server, network, financial applications, ISP, hosting provider or other service that you represent safer.

The database is delivered in a CSV file and contains the most up-to-date list of IP addresses available from known hackers, spam, malware, and bad bots.

Download the current list and have weekly updates sent to your email by using the button below.

Bad IP Addresses and Hacker List FAQ

Bad IP addresses list and Hackers Database FAQPlease explore our typical questions and answers below for more information on how we do this.

After subscribing, what happens next?

This list will be available by 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time every Friday.

Immediately after checkout you will be sent a link to download the latest database list. As long as you are subscribed for updates you will be notified on Friday every week to the same email address that the latest file is available for download.

Two columns will be listed in the file. Column 1 is the IP address, column 2 is the category type (Hacker, Spammer, Malware, or Bad Bot).

Can I order the latest database once?

Yes you can. The cost is the same as the 1 month subscription. If you only want the latest database at the time you order you can immediately cancel your subscription after download and you will not have any further monthly deductions.

The database changes very fast. IP addresses are removed and added weekly in large amounts. The latest IP address threats change every week and this is why keeping your information updated is very important. The monthly subscription is highly encouraged.

What types of hardware and software will the ReconBase list work on?

Anything. It is a list of IP addresses from known hackers, malware, bad bots and spammers. It will work on any configurable software or hardware like DDoS protection, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti hacking software, network traffic monitoring, intrusion prevention system, and other cyber security systems. Anything that will except a text based list, CSV file, or direct copy and paste.

How do you find and update a hacker or bad IP address to your list?

We use our own special mix of monitoring the blocklists of suspected malware, honeypots, VPN services, proxies, and trending IP analysis tools.

We collect data from over 1200 sources so you don’t have to.

Adding to this formula we include the results from breaking news reports of hacks, forum monitoring, and public network traffic logs.

ReconBase’s list is used and trusted by top security companies and products. We specialize in tracking down these bad IP address threats. It is a time consuming and lengthy process that our customers appreciate. We are proud to be the most comprehensive database that is available for purchase.

Are there chances that you have a IP address listed in your database that is actually good?

Yes. IP addresses are leased, re-assigned, purchased, and sold every hour of the day. At this time we have found no other service that can produce a quality list like we do. If a good IP is found in our database it will be whitelisted with the next release. We take great care in producing a quality and reliable IP address list and strive to perfect the process.