Availity Login

The Availity login page at the Availity.com healthcare clearinghouse and revenue cycle solutions website is for managing patient applications and more.

To protect information your account will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity and you will need to log on again to the service.

Begin at https://apps.availity.com/availity/web/public.elegant.login and enter your Availity login User ID and password to the fields provided on the form.

When you can’t log in to the healthcare portal, try resetting your lost or forgotten password using the information found below in our resource section or call Availity customer support at their phone number. 1-800-282-4548 is the number to call the Jacksonville, Florida headquarters.

By entering your email address in the automated tool a User ID and password reminder will be sent to your email to assist with getting access back to your account login.

Delivery of revenue cycle and healthcare business solutions is done through the use of a registered subscription to the web portal.

Multiple health plans are connected with core offerings in the design, with new revenue streams from customers than previous NextGen versions.

Health plans have access to revenue program management, provider data, clinical connect, value based payments, provider connectivity, payment accuracy, and self-service solutions.

After using the Availity login, hospital staff can improve claim and payment processing, use one facility system, simplify connectivity, expand value payments, and leverage health record integration.

Physician practices save account time with health records being on one system and improving the patient claim process to reduce errors and access information online.

Vendors will become more available with a single connection to help their healthcare clients like doctors offices and hospitals with a value based payment model and Availity login setup.

Availity Login